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Levchenko Olga - Wolf - dry brush, oil on paper
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Wolf the variant of the surprise
This position is ideal for the lovers of the wildest and primitive sex. The man, standing up, takes the woman behind and he penetrates it taking it from the waist. It, relaxes all her body as the gravity until supporting her hands in the floor. The man "surprises" the woman behind and counts the cadence of the sex. For her, the pleasure is concentrated in the angle of fragmentation of the vagina that, to the limited being, causes a sensation of very placentera narrowness for many women. For him, the most powerful sensation expands from glande, that enters and leaves the vaginal opening at will and caresses clitoris in the most audacious exits. In addition, the field of view of the man includes the anus, the buttocks and the highly erogenic back, zones for many. The domination that it exerts and the total relaxation of her can favor the playing of the man with the anus of her: to introduce a finger during the sex can enormously be exciting.
Product profile
 Title: Wolf
 Artist: Levchenko Olga
 Size: 13 3/4 x 19 5/8 in (35 x 50 cm)
 Material: dry brush, oil on paper
 Year: 2004
 Price: 90.00$
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